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The original website and blog of Pagan By Nature! The home of Moz, her infamous Lexicon, and much more.

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Knowledge is its own sacred quest

Pagan By Nature is hosted by Mnemosyne Mars, a delightfully scatterbrained pagan nerd with a black thumb and no sense of elemental direction. In other words, the term "nature" in the podcast title refers to one's essential spiritual nature, and not the pretty green stuff the hostess kills just by looking at it. Either way, being natural is srs bsns. Enjoy the podcast, and remember, "seeking knowledge for yourself is its own sacred quest."

Download Episode 01: All About Moz 10-31-2011 (21.56 MB)

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Episode 01: All About Moz

  • Episode 01: All About Moz
  • Welcome to Pagan By Nature, the podcast! This episode is all about your delightfully scatterbrained hostess, Mnemosyne Mars. I will be answering questions like, "Why did you start the blog?" and "How did you come up with the name Pagan By Nature?" and "What in the world is up with your name!?" and more! I also talk a little about my pagan beginnings and what led me to this path and what inspired the podcast. Along with a few shout-outs and promo plugs, I keep it short and sweet. You can find me online at Pagan By Nature the blog, or send me mail at

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    The temporary theme music for PBN is an excerpt of Breathe by the fabulous Ella Edmondson, available on her album Hold Your Horses in iTunes.


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