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Knowledge is its own sacred quest

Pagan By Nature is hosted by Mnemosyne Mars, a delightfully scatterbrained pagan nerd with a black thumb and no sense of elemental direction. In other words, the term "nature" in the podcast title refers to one's essential spiritual nature, and not the pretty green stuff the hostess kills just by looking at it. Either way, being natural is srs bsns. Enjoy the podcast, and remember, "seeking knowledge for yourself is its own sacred quest."

Download Episode 02: Post-Hallows Halloween Hangover Show 11-10-2011 (50.66 MB)

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Episode 02: Post-Hallows Halloween Hangover Show

  • Episode 02: Post-Hallows Halloween Hangover Show
  • Welcome to the first annual Post-Hallows Halloween Hangover Show! Find out what happens when four wayward misfits, Moz, Og, Fog, and Boo Boo, make their way into a old cemetary in the woods for a midnight vigil and some ghostly conversation. Moz gets the daylight scared out of her by a movie called Insidious (she hasn't slept well since), and a song called, appropriately, Every Day Is Halloween brightens everyone's nightmares. Enjoy the show and make sure to check-out the detailed show notes for all cited sources at

    Show Credits:
    Background Music: Instrumentale 3 by Lee Maddeford.
    Background Music: Danse Macabre - No Violin by Kevin MacLeod.
    Theme Music: Breathe by Ella Edmondson.
    All available in iTunes or on the artist's websites.


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